Seagull Bay Property Owner's Association (SBPOA)

1. Garbage pick-up is on Wednesdays.

2. Recycle pick-up is on Thursdays.

3. Vegetation Pick-up is on Thursdays.

NOTE: The above three types of disposal are NOT to be put out curbside earlier than 48 hours prior to pick-up. If a holiday falls on a work day prior to pick-up, then pick-up MAY be the following day. Check the provider's web site for observed holidays.

4. NO parking of vehicles on the street; temporary parking on street by marina for loading and unloading, but then vehicle must be parked at unit. This does NOT apply to golf carts.

5. Pets must be under owner's control at all times. Please clean up after your pet immediately. Lee County has a leash law if you leave the Seagull Bay area.

6. Please be considerate and be a Good Neighbor.

7. The Pine Island Eagle is a free, weekly newspaper that is distributed on Wednesdays. Located at various locations on the island, the closest place is at Capt. Con's, just west of Seagull Bay.

8. Renters should complete the "Rental Information Form" if the Unit Owner has not already done so.


Jack Green, President SBPOA,, 863-581-0077

Dawn Marano, Secretary SBPOA,, 801-455-0268