"Like" Thy Neighbor ;-)

Dear Neighbors,

As the high season gets underway and as more of our community's members are again in residence, let's remind ourselves about the little things that allow us to live respectfully and pleasantly in close proximity.

Article Seven of our CC&Rs spells out a few specifics pertaining to parking, trash receptacles, and pets, but other "neighborly" behaviors, such as remembering to turn off garage/carport lights at night, are also worth our attention.

Best wishes from your Board of Directors.

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Board of Directors Meeting, November 4

Board of Directors Meeting

November 4, 2019

9:00 a.m. at the Jack Green Residence

16741 Seagull Bay Court

All SBPOA members are welcomed to attend.

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Welcome to New Owners in SBPOA

Dear Neighbors,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we extend a warm welcome to our new neighbors:

Recently, but belatedly, to Pete and Sharon Bouchard at 8223 Main Street, and, most recently to Allen and Dawn Willey at 16731 Seagull Bay Court.

New owners in the past year also include Todd and Hesper Swanlund at 16730 Seagull Bay Court and James and Michele Yeomans at 16713 Seagull Bay Court. (Your board secretary also offers apologies for these belated welcomes.)

Best wishes to all,

Dawn Marano

SBPOA Secretary

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