Community Update: Blog Test

Dear neighbors,

Our website has been migrated to new webhosting service, a change which will save the association $100 - $200 per year.

This message is being sent to test the blog feature after the migration.

Thank you for your patience!

Dawn Marano

SGPOA Secretary

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Board Meeting, 6/1/20, Cancelled

Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, June 1, 2020

As there is no new or old business pending,

the board meeting for June 2, 2020, has been cancelled.

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Community Update: Common Area Projects

Dear neighbors,

I’m writing on behalf of the board to update you about the progress on the common area repairs and refurbishment.

Marina repair:

Randy Gifford of Gifford Island Repair will be beginning the work as early as perhaps this weekend.

Sequencing: Randy plans to start with slip #1-2 and work his way consecutively by number toward the back of SBPOA. As a reminder, here are the 17 docks to be repaired, noted in the board report to the membership on February 13:

Slip # 1/2       Steinmetz/Appel

Slip # 3/4       Buckley

Slip # 5/6       Chamberlin/Buckley

Slip # 7/8       Zinn/Bouchard

Slip # 9/10     Tedesco/Miller

Slip #11/12   McDermond/Taylor

Slip #13/14   Robertson/Aden

Slip #15/16   Gray/Park

Slip #17/18   Willey/Jack Green

Slip #19/20   Buckley/Keyse-Walker

Slip #21/22   Karlene (Lahser)/Gilles

Slip #25/26   Karlene (Lahser)/Zorn

Slip #27/28   Green/Schwandt

Slip #29/30   Lambert/Flint

Slip #31/32   Noonan/Yeomans

Slip #33/34   Marcus/Blank

Slip #41          Hilkene

Materials and work site management: The WearDeck and lumber has been delivered to the Dillman driveway as arranged with Blair, but all construction tools will be located immediately adjacent to each dock being worked on on a particular day.

Mike Aden and the Dave and Michele Zinn have approved locating the dumpster in their driveway. It will be delivered today, probably.

Barring weather interference or other unforeseen problems, Randy thinks the job will take 8-10 days. Work will not begin before 8:00 a.m. during the project.

Sod replacement:

Sod has been ordered to replace areas of damaged grass along the marina. We do not yet have a start-date for that work from Mike Jendrusiak.

Road recapping:

This work has not yet been scheduled, pending a bid for the job, but obviously it won’t be scheduled until the other two projects mentioned above are completed.

Please let the board know if you have any questions or concerns at

Best wishes,

Your Board of Directors

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