Agenda for 3/11/19 Meeting, Please Note:

Dear Neighbors,

Earlier you received an email notification of the availability of the agenda draft for the 3/11/19 board meeting. My usual blog posts tell you NOT to click on the underlined link in the email, but instead to click on "View Post" and then on the link to document in the blog post.

Today, I "accidentally" found a fix to this problem of your having to "click twice" to see a document posted by me, your secretary. In other words, you CAN now just click on the link to the document from the email you receive notifying you of the blog post and the document should appear.

About 20 of you have already viewed the earlier post and might have noticed this new development. I will be sending out another, amended blog notification later.

Apologies for the confusion, but I'm glad that I stumbled on an easier way for you to see the association document from the email notification. 

As always, you can still log on directly to the SBPOA website, click on "Property Owners Access" in the bar at the top, then click on "Board Mtg Agendas & Minutes" in the dropdown menu to view the pending, most recent documents, as well as the archived history of those documents dating back to when the association automated its communication.

Here to help if you have any questions or concerns.

Best wishes,

Dawn Marano

SBPOA Secretary

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Agenda for 3/11/19 Board Meeting, Now Available

Dear Neighbors,

The draft of the agenda for 3/11/19 Board Meeting, is now available.

Click on the “View Post” button below to access the blog post and then click on underlined link IN THE BLOG POST ITSELF to take you directly to the minutes.

Reminder: Do not click on the underlined link in this email message.

Dawn Marano

SBPOA Secretary

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Board of Directors Meeting, March 11

9:00 a.m. at the Jack Green Residence

16741 Seagull Bay Court

All SBPOA members are welcomed to attend.


Hope to see you at the Special Membership Meeting

and ARC Election on Sunday, March 10, 1:00 p.m. 

at the Jack and Bunk Green residence. If you can't attend, please

participate by proxy as instructed in the voting packet. Thank you!



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