New Golf Cart Ordinance

Lee County has adopted a new ordinance with regard to Golf Carts on Pine Island, using the "shared use path along the west side of Stringfellow Road". Attached is the new ordinance for your reading pleasure. Seagull Bay property owner, Joe Flint initiated this request with the County Commissioners. 


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Circle Landscaping

Here is a picture of the new landscaping on the circle @ SGB! Be sure to see it in person, next time you are there. Kudo's to Sharon for spearheading this project, to Mike for planting the trees and removing the seagrapes, and to Sally for her creativity, design, watering, maintaining and choosing the smaller plants. The center piece is a hybrid developed & grafted here on Pine Island called a Pink Cassia. At full growth is has a height of 30-50'. It has a lovely canopy and large pink flowers in the spring bloom w/ a secondary bloom in the fall. The 3 other trees are Yellow Cassia, which have a more delicate yellow bloom and reach 10-12' in full height. There are several native FL plants that are drought tolerant and attract butterflies, as well as ground orchids, bromeliads, frangipani, desert rose, dwarf bougainville and lots of plants donated from neighbor's yards. The white pathways are the original shell ground cover, raked into a pattern.

SGB circle

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August Board Meeting

The August 2014 monthly board meeting has been cancelled due to lack of new business. Sorry if this inconveniences anyone. Please contact any of your board members if you have any concerns/questions or have an item to be placed on Septembers agenda. Thanks for your continued interest in your SBPOA!

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